Stone Chip Repair

Stone chip damage to car windscreen is a common occurrence mainly in rocky areas or where construction areas can be found. Although, stone chips  only cause cosmetic issues, there are some that can affect your vision and lead to more serious damage that necessitates stone chip repair.

Imporance of winshield crack repair

Due to wind, motion, natural vibration and environmental factors small chip damage can turn into large crack. To avoid this windshield should be repaired as soon as possible.

Benefits of repairing stone chip damage:

  • Save time: Average stone chip repair takes 15-20 minutes where windshield replacement may take hours to complete.
  • Save Money: base on your vehicle make and model repair can save you hundreds of dollars
  • Stay Safe: Crack repair will make your vehicle safe to drive and pass the safety requirements
  • Better for Environment: Repair is more environment friendly then replacement

Windshield and Stone Chip Damages
There is a section of your windshield that is called the critical vision area located in front of the driver’s seat. If the damage occurred outside of this area, it can be subjected to stone chip repair. However, if the damage occurred within the critical area, repair will not resolve the problem as a replacement is needed.

There are different types of stone chip damage and these may be chipped or cracks that may happen when debris or rocks get kicked by other vehicles in front of your vehicle and strikes the windshield. Most of the time, cracks are the results of unrepaired chips that progresses into a more serious damage.

At times, glass scratches are mistaken as cracks. But then, it must be noted that scratches do not pass through the glass. All of these may appear like a simple cosmetic nuisance to your vehicle, but these can result in problems that need attention.

The Importance of Early Stone Chip Repair
As soon as you notice a small chip on your windshield, it is best to bring it to an auto glass expert so that the right intervention can be implemented. Essentially, stone chip repair should be carried out as soon as possible because when it is left unattended the damage can spread due to the air pressure that pushes the glass as you drive.

When the crack or any damage spreads, your windshield glass becomes weaker eventually and will shatter into pieces when subjected to high pressure. This is extremely dangerous to you and your passengers; so do not let this happen by having an early repair.
Although, there are repair kits available on the market to help you fix your damaged windshield, it is better to bring your car to a professional auto glass shop for the best service and recommendation. The repair is typically carried out by injecting the resin material to into the chip or crack that is under pressure so that the spaces can be filled. Then, the resin will be subjected to curing with a special kind of light to make it solid as a rock.

If the stone chip repairs are done properly, you can prevent further damage and expenses related to replacing your windshield. Most importantly, you can drive without worries and protect not only your safety, but your passengers’ welfare as well. So, do not overlook simple chips and cracks because a simple stone chip repair will fix everything.

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