Customer Testimonials

Doug Dugall, Oct 23th, 2012
Mr Haji changed my glass back in the days when he could not speak a word of English almost 18 years ago. He came to my house in Mississauga and did my job. I was extremely happy with the job he did for my car as it was rusted and had holes where the glass was sitting. He grinded all the rust off for me and installed the glass. I never did have any problems with it. Recently I called him for another glass and I was shocked to hear his voice with fluent English and learned that now he has 11 people working for him and a huge warehouse. I guess his honest workmanship  has carried him this long and became a successful business.

Mr Arman Patel, January 9th, 2011
After intense research and reading most of the reviews online, I decided to bring my car to Afghan auto glass and I was quiet happy with their service and price. I surely recommend these guys for any of your auto glass change.

Daniel Wong, April 28th, 2010
I drive an Audi A4 2005, all the freaking parts in this car is expensive so top it off i needed a windshield, so i called my dealer and their price was outrageous then my friend suggested these guys….man i am glad i came to these guys.

Chris Freakaholic, October 15th, 2008
They did a stonechip on my windshield and they did a great job… these guys are awesome and very friendly…..will definetly use their services again if needed but hopefully not on my

William Chang, February 2, 2003
All my cars gets repaired at Dawson automotive, which is at Sheppard and McCowan and the owner of the shop is Mr Tom, he is my mechanic for our cars but when i called him for a glass he give me Mr Haji’s number at Afghan auto glass. I was surprised for Tom to give me his number as i thought that he would be able to change my glass as well but he advised me that none of the mechanic shops does autoglass but rather they get the order and they call their local autoglass to do the job for them and put a surcharge on it for themselves. Taking Tom’s advise, i brought my car to their warehouse and i was very happy with the service they provided me.

Siva Manojkumar, Nov 21, 1999
I recently bought a Honda Civic with a crack windshield, i called these guys they came to my house and got the job done within like 45 min. i was shocked how fast these two guys were working. Will definetly use them again, if ever needed!!