Windshield Repair & Replacement

The Windshield is one of the most important structural components in any car as it protects the occupants of the vehicle in more ways than we realize. An unsafe windshield, one that has not been installed properly or is damaged can be very dangerous and might lead to serious injuries or even death. If, during an accident a windshield separates from the vehicle, the life of the people inside the vehicle becomes more at risk as compared to other circumstances.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your car windshield is properly and professionally installed. It also needs to be made sure that it is not damaged, chipped or cracked from anywhere.

Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement

Research suggests that around 50 to 75 percent of all replaced windshields could have been made reusable by getting them repaired from a professional windshield repair company or by using DIY kits for windshield repair.

If your windshield has been chipped or damaged, the first thing you need to determine is the extent of damage to decide whether it can be repaired at home, or if it need professional treatment.

It is usually possible to repair chips & small cracks at home. However larger cracks or spidered windows need to be either repaired professionally or entirely replaced.

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